Introducing the FMDA DD19.2, a compact frame that builds upon the exceptional foundation established by the DD17.2. Enjoy the same ease of assembly, strength, and versatility in a more streamlined package.

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Just like the original FMDA G19 rail kit, the front rails of this kit offer the same superior quality and precise tolerances. You can rely on these high-quality rails for outstanding performance in your firearm.

The rear rails have been specifically designed for the various DDxx.2 frames, utilizing top-grade stainless steel for unparalleled durability. Each rail is meticulously formed to ensure a flawless fit with your frame, guaranteeing consistent perfection with every assembly.

To protect the rear rails during transit and preserve their optimal size and shape, we have developed a dedicated holder. This innovative solution keeps the rails secure until they are ready to be installed, making assembly easier than ever before.

To complete your DD19.2 frame, you will need these rails, a lower parts kit with a locking block for a gen 3 G19, and a compatible slide designed for a gen 3 G19. By combining these components, you’ll have everything you need to construct a compact frame that offers exceptional reliability and functionality.

Experience the next level of assembly convenience, strength, and versatility with the FMDA DD19.2. Trust in FMDA for top-quality components and elevate your firearm building journey.